page updated: 2020.08.02
ARCHtools for Blender-3D
ARCHtools is a productivity suite for architects working with Blender-3D.
It supports you at creation, editing and visualization of architectural projects.
Currently it is a part of CADtools for Blender.

The concept work and prototyping was started early 2010.
First evaluation version was released in December 2011 (CADtools 0.64).

- CAMERA-MATCH: camera matching tool, even supports tilt-shift-images
- Building Information Model - BIM:
-- FLOOR creator
-- COLUMN creator
-- BEAM creator
-- WALL creator
-- WINDOW creator
-- DOOR creator
-- CEILING creator
-- STAIRS creator
-- ROOF creator
-- RAILING creator
- architecture-specific texturing system (optimized UV-mapping)
- architecture-specific dimensioning system
- interface to ARCHsketch - 3d-sketch-application for architectural concept work

License: see CADtools

Download: ARCHtools is delivered with CADtools.

Please support development of ARCHtools through CADtools project.

You can contact me per email (subject: "ARCHtools") at

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