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ARCHsketch for Blender-3D
ARCHsketch is a concept creation tool for architects.
It supports architectural creation process in form of sketching in 3d space.
It is delivered with CADtools for Blender-3D.
The prototyping for Blender 2.49 was started middle 2010.
Evaluation version was planned for 2018, but currently on hold.

- 3d-sketch-mode for architectural concept work and expression
- architecture-specific abstract-form vocabulary
- architecture-specific transforming methods
- overall concept: less CAD
- creation-amplifying built-in mechanisms
- plane/volume division methods
- non-standard on-screen representation/visualization
- context-sensitive dynamic view navigation
- GameEngine driven interactivity
- support for multi-touch interface devices
- support for interface devices with force feedback
- acoustic feedback
- connectivity to object-oriented architectural elements system (BIM)

License: see CADtools

You can support this project through donations.
For registering, subscribing and donating please use your real data:
full name, city/country, email, configuration: platform, python version

If you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact me (subject: "ARCHsketch").

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